COPA DE HK 2018 – KOWLOON BJJ TEAM CHAMPION! Over 15 Years Experience with Guaranteed Resulted!

[ 巴西柔術 BJJ ]  [ 泰拳 THAI BOXING ]  [ 綜合格鬥 MMA ] [ 健身 FITNESS ]  
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Brown belt (over 12 years of studying  BJJ and keep go on),
Director of the Kowloon Jiu Jitsu (Tai Wai and Mong Kok ) since 2013 ,
A Referee certificated by IBJJF (International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation),
Muay Thai Junior coach since 2014 (Hong Kong Muay-Thai Association),
Certificate of personal trainer since 2006 (Australian training for fitness professionals),
Coach of the WBC Boxing Association, more than 20 years of boxing experience, 
Led several members to the international and The integrated martial arts competition teaches students practical training in actual combat.
KLNBJJ For fighters and those who love to training. Offers unlimited packages ranging from 30 days (adult $1050, ladies $900, students $800, junior $500) right up to one year ($6,000 up). Mong Kok Gym offers one-on-one personal training from $350. For one-on-two (15% off)or one-on-three (20% off) buy 10 classes for one time.
1/F, 215A tung choi street, Prince Edward, Kowloon,Hong Kong.
(Next to Mong Kok police station)


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